Being resourceful, creative and whole: what if we are all naturally like that?

When I was training as a coach, we were invited to see our clients as naturally being resourceful, creative and whole.

Whatever the client might feel, whatever evidence of stuckness, we were to regard the person as a whole; as capable of finding their own solution; as endlessly creative and able to generate new possibilities and thinking.

This concept moved me profoundly. It released something in me to believe that I myself was being resourceful, creative and whole. Also, it challenged me to touch those depths in myself when I come up against a block or a repeating negative pattern. And it profoundly shaped my coaching practice too. This steadiness in the coach liberates the client to think outside their critical voice, if only for a few moments. It gives them permission to take a step back and move pieces around on the chessboard of life to a more powerful or pleasing end. It works.

So how about we begin to move this coaching idea into our everyday relationships? How about if we asked colleagues, children, partners – what do you think would work, without sarcasm and without agenda? How about if we focused on the brilliance rather than the failing; the humanness rather than the imperfection; and above all the connection rather than the separation in our relationships?

I know that makes for a world I would rather live in, than one where I am regarded as flawed, limited, or broken. Shall we give it a try?

Life Coaching in Ealing

Life Coaching is a successful technique for turning your life goals into reality.

With Joanne Sumner, life coaching means discussing and overcoming any attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that are in the way of your personal development.

Whether the hurdles are in your personal or your professional life, Joanne is there to guide you, and to support you with realising your goals in your life journey.

A coaching agreement is made at the beginning of the coaching relationship for honesty, a willingness to be open and a commitment to achieving agreed steps and outcomes.

For further information on individual coaching appointments, contact Joanne. Appointments may be in person, generally at The Alexandria Healing Centre, or by Skype