Yoga For Sleep

Yoga For Sleep

As you might know, I’ve been running Yoga classes in Ealing for 10 years now and today I’d like to share with you some very simple tips on “Yoga for Sleep”. In my previous article, I shared some tips for a good night’s sleep and today I’m starting a series of posts aimed at really helping you get […]

silencing inner critic become inner coach

How to become your own inner coach and banish the inner critic for good

The overwhelming majority of athletes have coaches – in fact, we remark on the few who don’t. More and more executives have coaches and mentors to help improve performance. Businesses of all sizes are employing coaches to help create and execute plans that succeed. We have relationship coaches, life coaches, spiritual coaches, money coaches, visibility […]

better sleep tips

Tips for a good night’s sleep

Getting enough sleep is a perennial problem for some, and I sympathise. I’ve had two stress-related periods of exceptionally poor sleep in my life, and as a result, I began to dig deep into the science to help myself and others get a better night’s sleep. Here is what I found. Tips for a good […]

Retreats at Joanne Sumner Wellbeing

Cleansing relaxation script

This relaxation script is based on a cleansing practice in yoga. It works with the different layers of the human energy field. Within yoga, the physical body is seen just as the densest part of your being. The other component parts are: The energy body emotional body mental body and the bliss body or spiritual body. And […]

giving and receiving

Giving and receiving: wrap-up session of “Feel Good With Jo”

This is the last of this current series of Feel Good With Jo, your Friday guide to leading a happy and healthy life. These are my thoughts on how to look after yourself and manage the busy stressful lives that we all seem to lead. What I’d like to talk about is getting a balance […]

A Simple Beginner Yoga Sequence

For this simple beginner yoga sequence, begin by resting in this position for 5 minutes. Lie down on your back with knees bent, feet close to your buttocks.

how to feel more confident with meditation

How to feel more confident and powerful – more you!

Today we will talk about how to feel more confident, more powerful, centred and whole. In the last two meditation classes, we have been exploring the concept of “magnetising yourself”. It helped us focus on how to make life more fun and manageable. We leave parts of ourselves in the activities and emotions of our day. […]


Emotional resilience and self containment

In our yoga classes in Ealing, this week we’ve been discussing the idea of emotional resilience and self-containment. What it means to be able to contain our energy, our thoughts, our emotions, our actions. So, we can look after ourselves and we look after the people around us. What does it mean to contain oneself? Colloquially […]

Being resourceful, creative and whole: what if we are all naturally like that?

When I was training as a coach, we were invited to see our clients as naturally being resourceful, creative and whole. Whatever the client might feel, whatever evidence of stuckness, we were to regard the person as a whole; as capable of finding their own solution; as endlessly creative and able to generate new possibilities […]

How to turn a pessimist into an optimist

It’s a golden oldie in the positive psychology world, but I still swear by Dr Martin Seligman’s process on how to turn a pessimist into an optimist (check out his book Learned Optimism). The founding idea is that pessimism is escapable if you know how. Dr Seligman points out a simple causal relationship between what we think […]

What is a mindset?

Mindset is one of those terms that people bandy about but actually, what is a mindset and why should we care? A mindset is an established set of attitudes. Or: A fixed mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to and interpretations of situations.