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Money mindset: what if abundance comes first?

A couple of years ago, I spent some time reading A Source of Miracles, by Kathleen McGowan, and I found her take on abundance very interesting. The part of her question that arrested my attention was

“what if abundance came first and deserving second?”

What would that change about our money mindset and our worthiness to have it?

Money Mindset by Joanne Sumner

I am not sure I ever felt I didn’t deserve money, but I’m equally sure I felt you had to earn it, and being someone with high standards that meant I set a high standard for earning!

Considering abundance as a birthright began to shift things.

If abundance is already my reality, then…

  • I am better able to serve other people because my own needs are already taken care of
  • It makes a difference to how I look at everything in my world helping me interpret everything more positively
  • My expectations will be positive and I honestly believe we live up to our expectations, good or bad!

In fact, looked at this way, abundance begins to look like a public service. And that IS how I’ve looked at it since.

What might the restrictions on this be? One core restriction is that we seek a way to live that does not cause suffering – so our own abundance cannot come at someone else’s cost.

Abundance may also take many forms – for example, riches of experience, friendship, love etc. But make no mistake: lack is not a spiritual virtue, it is an imbalance.

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