Online Meditation Classes

Mondays 7.30 pm Meditation are taking place at OPEN Ealing in Dicken’s Yard, Central Ealing.

These classes are ALSO being live-streamed so people can join from home.

Meditation at Joanne Sumner Wellbeing

I was taught to meditate at school. It’s an unusual start to life as a meditator, and my practice has developed considerably over the 14 years I’ve been studying different traditions and teaching meditation to others. I believe this provides me with an understanding of meditation “in my bones” that brings depth to the online Meditation Classes.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a simple and powerful way to relax, quiet your busy mind, and connect with your deeper self. Mindfulness and meditation teachers variously describe the practice as going within, stilling the mind, finding inner peace, and experiencing being rather than doing.

For me, meditation is all these things, and a healer of body, mind and spirit. It will help you:

  • improve your cardiac health
  • strengthen your immune system
  • switch from fight and flight to rest, digest and repair
  • calm your emotions
  • bring clarity
  • help you feel content and confident of your purpose in life
  • know who you are
  • release stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

Why come to a class?

I wanted to offer online Meditation Classes for two reasons. Firstly, there is power in groups. It is far easier to go into a meditative state when you are with a group of people led by an experienced teacher or facilitator. And secondly, because I wanted to do something for the health and wellbeing of the area where I live. I love living in Ealing and I love that people can come to class to find a haven from the busyness and chaos (happy or otherwise) of London life and renew themselves.

Does it matter if I have / or don’t have previous meditation experience?

We welcome both beginners and clients who already have different levels of experience of meditation practice and techniques to our weekly meditation classes. Beginner’s mind often means that people coming to meditation for the first time can bring a fresh perspective to what we do and the whole class will benefit from that. More experienced practitioners, will be able to bring their own understanding and wisdom and again, that will benefit the group. So everyone truly is welcome.

What do your meditation students say about your classes?

Here is what two of my regular students wanted to share with you:

“Jo’s meditation class has given me a very valuable moment each week to pause & reconnect with myself.

I’ve learned loads of different techniques from Jo’s excellent teaching which draws on a wide range of traditions & I have gained insight by the of sharing experiences within our very supportive group.

Also, I’ve learned how to create little spaces in my day to day life too, which give me perspective, and allow me to find calmness in the midst of a rather hectic life.

Thank you Jo for creating a very special space. ”


“It’s a supportive group space where we are free to share the difficult things and the joyous things we are all going through and to be coached by you and listen and learn from each other. It’s fascinating to see how we all change gradually (sometimes quickly) and to feel supported by and to support each other. It helps to integrate meditation into your life rather than turning up, doing a meditation and leaving again, we have the space to reflect on life and meditate on it all at the same time.”

I hope this helps you get a feel for how the classes work, and encourage you to come along and try them for yourself.

What do I need to bring?

** During the current pandemic, classes are being held online – however these ideas may help with what you might like to have at home for an online class **

The classes are friendly, with a maximum of 12 people per class. We’ll provide you with the mats, cushions, blankets and so on, so you can just arrive and relax. Wear any comfortable clothes in which you can relax and feel at ease. You may also want to bring a small bottle of water.

There are two classes and two ways to book:

Mondays at 7.30-8.45pm we have our Meditation Ongoing Group – this is a group that has met consistently for the last 14 years, with people coming and going from the group as time and circumstance is right for them. It is a warm, welcoming group of people with an interest in finding their (or a new) path as well as their peace and skill in quietening the mind.

Friday mornings at 8.00-9.15am we have our NEW class focused on Meditation and Mindfulness. This class is a response to the uncertainty and fear that has been raised by the pandemic and is a place to learn the foundations of meditation and in particular to develop a mindful approach to life, which allows for an experience of stability even in the midst of chaos.

No experience is required for either group, though experience is welcome too.

To book, you can:

  • Book monthly, and secure your place and a preferential price (£12 per class). The Monday class is booked here, and the Friday class is booked here;
  • Book drop in sessions here and pay only for the classes you attend (£15 per class).

On booking, you will be sent a meeting link to join the class at the relevant time.

** Those significantly financially impacted by the COVID-19 crisis are welcome to participate on a pay what you can afford basis. Contact Jo to obtain details of how to do this. **

“Jo’s classes are a harmonious blend of Eastern tradition and Western reality. They provide a safe space and sensitive support to explore different experiences of being human. Jo’s thoughtful guidance has enabled me to develop aspects of my spirituality whilst rooting me firmly and physically in the contemporary world. They offer a very powerful and practicable way of living in the 21st Century.”


“Jo provided great tips on reducing the noise in my overactive brain.  The meditation class is a wonderful relaxing hour out of my stressful week.”


“I have attended both Joanne’s Meditation and Yoga classes. I highly recommend these groups, Jo is attentive, calm, friendly and her knowledge and experience is clear to see.”

DebbieKeheren Therapy

“I have worked with Jo as a coach and as a yoga teacher. She approaches both with love, warmth, compassion, humour and incredibly helpful insights. Highly recommended!”

SusanDrama Teacher

“Jo Sumner’s meditation classes are now part of my weekly routine and I look forward to attending week after week. Being new to meditation, Jo’s calm and relaxed approach to teaching made me feel instantly comfortable as well as being in the relaxed environment of Jo’s lovely yoga studio. If you haven’t tried yoga or meditation before and interested, I highly recommend speaking to Jo and trying out a session!”

LisaProperty manager