On this special Summer Retreat weekend, Joanne will share the magic of Stanton with you, and the magic of retreats, to help you gently transform your life.

Retreats are a growing necessity. You don’t need us to tell you how manic and hectic every day life can be. The likelihood is that you are living it, as we almost all are. The problem is it shreds your nervous and immune systems to be so busy all the time, and that will stop you being able to cope as easily with life as you might like.

Retreats therefore become a place where you can reset and recuperate physically and emotionally. Being in nature changes your biochemistry and that will help you to see genuinely new solutions to old challenges. Indeed between the well tested retreat processes, the place, and the company, you will come to see yourself differently, with more acceptance, with love and appreciation for your journey, and with far greater clarity on what actually needs to change in your habits and environment for you to be your best you.

This Summer retreat weekend is a celebration of life. Too often we focus on what isn’t working, what we haven’t yet managed to be, do, have or give. We want to change this.

You will learn:

  • How to be happier, to know what you’re getting right and what could change
  • How to look after yourself better and become more resilient
  • How to hotline your intuition and insight so you make better decisions more confidently

The retreat processes include gentle flow yoga, energy management exercises, healing, meditation, walks in the Cotswolds, deep relaxation, and time to just rest, read a book, or daydream.

Joanne has been leading retreats for more than a decade now. Her experienced, thoughtful, real and at times irreverent guidance set the container for a transformative weekend. She loves to laugh, she loves to love, and she can hold truth lightly, so that you have the opportunity to challenge yourself and grow into the new you with kindness and compassion.

Read what others have said about retreats with Joanne here.

Book through Joanne on 07786 273 826 or jo@joannesumner.com. We do hope you will join us!

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