Bach Flower Essences

Training at the Joanne Sumner Wellbeing Studio

Bach Flower Essences practitioner training and self development course

Joanne has been working with one of the leading manufacturers of flower essences for the last nine years to teach the original way Dr Bach discovered and used remedies, exploring his ideas on the relationship between our life purpose and our health, the emotional and spiritual component of disease, and most importantly, the revelation of a simple, safe and natural way to heal body and mind. Dr Bach was a famous surgeon, bacteriologist, and homeopathic vaccine researcher in the early part of the 20th Century and his flower remedies have led the way for the exciting and vibrant field of flower, crystal, tree, animal and other essences.

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Reiki Empowerments

Joanne offers the traditional Japanese Reiju empowerments that connect you permanently to this unlimited source of healing energy on these inspiring and healing training days.

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