Reiki at the Joanne Sumner Wellbeing StudioReiki is the transfer of healing energy through Joanne to you.

Joanne directs the flow of healing energy through your body,  from your head  to your feet, to wherever it is needed for your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

A Reiki session will be a deeply relaxing, energising, soothing or clarifying experience, depending on what you wish from the session.

You relax, fully clothed during the treatment while your body’s energy centres receive the energy through Joanne’s hands.

Treatment may be with hands on or just above your body.

Personal appointments are generally held at Vita Skin Spa.

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“Just wanted to say thank you for Reiki 2.  It was a wonderful and beneficial day!”


“My experience of Reiki under Jo’s direction is that this powerful, nurturing treatment has resulted in tangible enhancements to my wellbeing.  Jo’s wider experience enables her to combine a clarity of thinking with her joyful mastery of the Reiki energy.  For me, the treatment itself is a healing, grounding experience which rebalances and replenishes my inner-self at times when I may have given too much of myself to others, am physically or emotionally drained or am out of alignment.  I always leave energised and at peace with lasting effects.  I would wholeheartedly recommend a Reiki session with Jo.”


“I have had a series of Reiki Sessions with Jo over the last few months.  She has the amazing knack of making you feel calm and focused as soon as you arrive.  The Reiki itself is “hands on”.  I really like this as it makes me feel very “held” and I can really feel the energy changes in myself.  I have left each session feeling well balanced with my energy having either being enhanced or reduced depending on what was needed !!   A very special experience.”


“My head is a lot clearer and I can really feel the lightness in my shoulders compared to before treatment.

Thank you. ”


“I can definitely recommend a session with Jo and her team. I had an amazing session including a very clear ‘vision’ which has helped with a decision in my life.”


Reiki has been life changing for me – I’d encourage everyone to try it out for themselves. At best it will be a truly meaningful and nurturing experience. The worst outcome is that you ‘just’ get space to rest deeply and peacefully for a time.”

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