Yoga at Joanne SumnerYoga is a beautiful and ancient tradition incorporating physical posture, breathing control, and stretching techniques to bring peace and calm to the body and mind.

Classical Hatha Yoga is the tradition that Joanne teaches and embraces.

Joanne teaches you flexibility, how to strengthen and align your body, with relaxation and meditation elements too.

Classes enable you to experience a sense of flow, to become attuned to your body and energy, and bring a deep sense of well-being.

For classes timetable and booking click here. To work with Joanne one to one, so that she can help you address specific goals, please use the booking link below. Joanne has worked with numerous clients to recover from surgery, injury or other physical or mental ill health and will be delighted to discuss your particular situation to see if yoga can help.

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy enables you to relax, giving you time to bond with your baby.  The sense of bonding is the heart of the session, as is learning correct posture during your pregnancy.  The alignment of your body will help you with any discomfort you may have such as heartburn and back pain.

Joanne offers appointments for some calm, relaxation and some “me time” for you and your growing baby.

Prices & booking

Appointments are generally held at The Alexandria Healing Centre.

Yoga£60.00Click to book
Pregnancy Yoga£60.00Click to book

“Entering Jo’s studio, the amosphere makes me instantly relaxed.  The classes always seem to be what I need at the time.  When I leave I feel energised and uplifted.  Thanks Jo!”


“Thank you for the session yesterday, it was great.  I didn’t even realise how much I missed yoga!”


“Just thought I would let you know the class on Tuesday was really good and helped me a lot.  I feel more focussed this week and felt more calmer at work.”


“Thanks as always for a wonderful class tonight.  Over the years of doing yoga with you I’ve noticed such a difference in my breathing, also I carry much less tension, especially in my hamstrings and I am much more flexible.  I have a very long way to go but I’m enjoying the journey.”


“I wanted to say thank you for a year of such wonderful classes 🙂 I really treasure both the meditation and yoga – you provide such a comforting and safe environment and all the extras that you say and do really make a difference.  I look forward to more!