Coaching by Joanne SumnerLife Coaching is a successful technique for turning your life goals into reality.

With Joanne Sumner life coaching means discussing and overcoming any attitudes, beliefs and behaviours that are in the way of your personal development.

Whether the hurdles are in your personal or your professional life, Joanne is there to guide you, and to support you with realising your goals in your life journey.

A coaching agreement is made at the beginning of the coaching relationship for honesty, a willingness to be open and a commitment to achieving agreed steps and outcomes.

For further information on individual coaching appointments, contact Joanne. Appointments may be in person, generally at The Alexandria Healing Centre, or by Skype.

Prices & booking

Coaching for Life
Discovery session (90 minutes)
Coaching for Life
follow-up sesssions

“I encourage anyone and everyone to attend her workshops they are more than worthwhile.”


“Jo assisted me in unearthing my core being through her creative coaching.

What a wonderful gift she has to teach, share and impart.”

“When I need to make sense of the things that are happening in my professional or personal life, I benefit enormously from a coaching session with Jo. She helps me to make sense of my disconnected and interconnected thoughts and feelings and find the way forward. Jo is very easy to talk to and she helps me to identify and focus on what is most important. The solutions I find when I talk to Jo are always simple and clear and completely right for me but I couldn’t find them without Jo’s questions and insights and the space she gives me to talk and think.

I have had difficult times in the past few years with uncertainty and disruption at work and bereavement and new responsibilities in the family. Jo’s coaching has been all-important in helping me keep life-fit and on the track (for me)!”