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Self-development and practitioner training course

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What are Dr Bach’s flower remedies?

In the early 20th century, Dr Edward Bach discovered 38 remedies to help you heal. He believed that you get ill when your personality loses contact with your soul’s purpose in this life, or when you believe you are separate from others and from the whole.

Dr Bach believed that if you could heal your day-to-day habitual responses to life’s dramas, and your longer term conditioning, that you could reveal the soul lesson you are here to learn in this lifetime. He believed this knowledge was the key to human flourishing and health.

The system Dr Bach developed is structured around the concept of constitutional types – each encapsulated by one of the 12 remedies he named Healers. Finding out which Healer-type you are, or which 2 or 3 types you most relate to, sheds light on the person that you are, the particular emotional drivers that you have, and the conditions that will help your flourish. It will also help you understand how stress affects you and how to help yourself reduce and manage stress.

And more than this, understanding other people’s constitutional type(s) will help you understand what their drivers are, how they experience stress or happiness, and what sets them up to succeed or fail, making relationships so much easier to navigate whether in the workplace, at home or in friendships or your wider network.

Who is the course suitable for?

The course is suitable for complete beginners to flower remedies through to experienced practitioners, both in vibrational essences and other modalities.

What will we cover?

– What is really the root cause of our ‘ill’- being?
– Dr Bach’s philosophy and theory of flower remedies
– Botanically based detail about each of the 38 remedies, focusing on what the specific characteristics of each plant teach us about the human psyche
– How to make the Bach remedies yourself and general principles of essence making (production, storage, dosage etc)
– Different methods for selecting remedies and using them creatively, to bring balance back to yourself or your clients
– Practical experience through case studies for certification by Healing Herbs Ltd.

Why study with Joanne? 

Joanne has been exploring these ideas and using the remedies with clients for more than a decade, after studying and teaching for one of the leading manufacturers of flower essences (Healing Herbs Ltd), and lecturing in the flower remedies at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

Dates and investment

Dates and Price TBC

Here’s a recent Testimonial of one of our retreat participants:

I had a privilege to attend 2 days of lectures by Joanne about Bach Flower Remedies. Most of us have seen the famous Rescue remedy in the pharmacies or health shop, but the powers of flowers don’t stop there.

Jo has great knowledge about the Bach remedies and she explained very well all of them through examples and some study cases.

She is very passionate about the results of using the remedies, and I believe all of us need them at some point in our lives as we all have different emotions.

The difference is do we cope with them, do we let them ruin our health and relationships, or do we do something about it and let the Bach flower remedies help us?

The connection of emotional and mental health to our physical health is very well documented in many scientific studies, but Jo thought us that Bach Flower remedies have unique powers to work on healing and adjusting the imbalances or struggles we may encounter by daily stresses.

Through each remedy, she showed us that negative emotions and states of mind can turn into positive ones, and it varies from person to person and the combination of remedies.

Her enthusiasm has certainly inspired me to try Bach remedies and to read the books she recommended it! Go on, give it a go, you won’t regret it!

Thanks, Jo!

L. A.

“I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us over the past few days in our naturopathic principles class. I really appreciate how genuine you were and gave us such wonderful examples from your own experiences. It really helped to gain a wider understanding. I came away from the course even more fascinated with Bach flowers than before!”

Jan 2019

S. N.

“Jo’s phenomenal knowledge of plant gesture took us on a totally new adventure with
the Bach Flowers. Even if you have been working with the remedies for many years,
her guidance, as we explored them through this refreshing viewpoint, gave
many new and valuable insights.”

Vivien Williamson. Colby, Norwich

“I found the course hugely rewarding as all the dimensions each flower remedy were
discussed and explained in detail. Jo clearly knows her stuff and gave me excellent
feedback on my case studies. I met a fantastic group of like minded individuals and I
have no hesitation in recommending this course.”

Angela Hawkings, Business Consultant, London
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