Reiki Training at Joanne Sumner Wellbeing StudioReiki Empowerments

Joanne offers the traditional Japanese Reiju empowerments that connect you permanently to this unlimited source of healing energy on these inspiring and healing training days.

Reiki 1: Shoden

Connect permanently to this unlimited source of healing energy by
receiving traditional Japanese Reiju empowerments. Learn how to make your Reiki strong by using the Hatsu Rei Ho cleansing and storing technique and work with the energy throughout the day as we show you how to treat yourself and give basic guidelines on how to give treatments to other people, animals and plants.

Course Content:

• What Is Reiki?
• The history and benefits of Reiki
• Reiki Principles
• What to expect before and after your empowerments
• Receiving the Reiju spiritual empowerments
• Hatsu Rei Ho
• Giving self-treatments and giving Reiki to others

A one day course, 10-4.00pm, running on 11 May and 8 June 2018. Ealing venue tbc.

Price and Booking:
£100 including tuition, extensive manual and CD, empowerments, and certificate. Book here.

Reiki 2: Okuden

Enhance your ability to work with different Reiki energies and with a
greater variety of applications and subtlety. This 2 day course builds on the
traditional Japanese Reiju empowerments in Reiki 1. Traditional, modern and
intuitive techniques are shared, and Reiki 2 is also a professional qualification that
allows you to offer Reiki treatments as part of a healing practice.

Course Content:
• Traditional Reiki symbols that deepen your treatments
• The different Reiki frequencies
• Distance healing techniques
• Space clearing techniques

You will explore how to enhance your intuition and to integrate Reiki into daily life.

Course requirements:
Students must be initiated to Reiki first degree and at minimum have completed a full
21 day cleansing cycle. It is preferable to have a 2-3 month gap between Reiki 1 and
Reiki 2 for students to practice feeling and working with energy.

A 2 day course, 10am-4pm on Friday 27th and Saturday 28th July. Ealing venue tbc.

Price and Booking:
£180 including tuition, extensive manual and CD, Reiki 2 empowerments, certificate. Contact Joanne to book.

“I went on the Level 1 course purely out of curiosity about Reiki and how it can be used to help ourselves and others. Jo has a very gentle teaching style and I seem to have absorbed knowledge without any real effort! After Level 1 I was hooked and have now completed Level 2 with Jo, as well as some practice sessions with a range of clients. I love the mix of theory and practical, and the encouragement and guidance throughout. I have discovered a lot about myself and my abilities, as well as how I can use Reiki in my coaching work. Thank you so much!”


“For me, learning and practicing Reiki has become a powerful tool embedded throughout all aspects of my life.  Originally helping me to manage and eradicate chronic pain, Reiki is now my immediate go-to solution for all physical issues and emotional stressors.  My health has visibly improved and I feel humbled that I am now able to benefit others with my knowledge and skills.”


“I could not have picked a better teacher. Jo strikes the perfect balance between explaining and experiencing, and made this course a joyful experience. Thank you for the thoughtful teaching, the warm hospitality, the kindness, and your willingness to add more with practice sessions to allow me to fully experience the transition to becoming a practitioner.”


“Just wanted to say thank you for Reiki 2.  It was a wonderful and beneficial day!”