yoga class EalingPractising yoga has changed my health and my mind. So much so, that I trained to become a teacher in order to offer the benefits of yoga to others. In particular, I wanted to offer yoga classes in Ealing, West London, because I live here and I wanted to do something that I felt would contribute to my local community.

Yoga is a beautiful and ancient tradition that will help you feel whole. To experience yourself as one happy, healthy, human being at peace with your life and in the world. It is a holistic approach, treating each individual as unique and precious.

Benefits of Yoga

Along the way, yoga will help you to:

  • reduce pain, tension and stiffness in your muscles;
  • regain flexibility;
  • build strength;
  • recover from injury;
  • manage stress;
  • avoid burnout;
  • become calmer and more emotionally resilient;
  • feel more adaptable; and
  • personally, I find yoga gives me energy and helps me think!

The practice of yoga includes physical postures, breathing control, and relaxation and meditation techniques to bring peace and calm to the body and mind. We work with Sun Salutations, Moon Salutations, and other flowing sequences from time to time, and also with both yin yoga and restorative yoga. So the class is a blend of classical hatha yoga practice and emerging practice – to bring you a sense of deep well-being.

Yoga classes in Ealing: what do classes include?

Classes will always include deep relaxation, stretching and alignment, building core strength, balance, and flexibility work. The classes are not divided into beginner yoga, intermediate or advanced yoga. Instead, I prefer to run mixed ability classes, meaning we have people who are brand new to yoga through to people who have been practising for 20 years or more. Class members are so encouraging of new people, even when they have only been attending for a term or two themselves, that I think we create a really warm and friendly environment between us.

I offer adaptations to fit the different levels of experience, and also to modify poses for people in the class who may have an injury or restriction of some sort. To help me do this for you, when you join we’ll have a chat about any injuries, tensions or conditions you may have and I will be glad to guide you on how to adapt your practice accordingly.

Yoga classes in Ealing: what do I need to bring?

The classes are friendly, with a maximum of 12 people per class. We’ll provide you with the mats, props and all other equipment, so you can just arrive and relax. Most people wear gym clothes, but any loose comfortable clothes in which you can move will be fine. You may also want to bring a small bottle of water.

If you are a yoga beginner, there is nothing you need to do to prepare – just let me know before you come and I’ll talk you through what we do before your first class. I would generally advise that you eat after class, however, as  exercise on a full stomach is often uncomfortable.

There are two ways to book:

  • Book half a term at a time, and secure your place and a preferential price (£12 per class)
  • Book drop in sessions by using the book online button, and pay only for the classes you attend.

Yoga classes in Ealing: Term dates

Term runs Monday 2nd September to Wednesday 16th October (£84 for the 7-week block or £15 drop-in) with the exception of the Wednesday 12 noon class, where there is no class on 9th October and term extends to 23rd October due to venue availability. The following term runs Monday 4th November to Wednesday 18th December for all classes.

Evening classes take place at On Route 44-46 South Ealing Road W5 4QA, and the lunchtime class at The Alexandria Healing Centre 39 Alexandria Road W13 0NR.

Book your trial session now by contacting Joanne!

6 – 7.15pm

7.30 – 8.45pm
(including deep relaxation)


**NOTE** No class 9th October; replacement class 23rd October

12 – 1.15pm

6.30 – 7.45pm

8.00 – 9.15pm

“I can’t thank Jo enough! I have been suffering with lower back pain for over 10 years and have heard that Yoga would be a good way forward, but I was reluctant to just jump into a class environment. Jo & I had a 1:1 session where we were trying to establish the restrictions on my back, and consequently lead me to an Osteo to have an MRI which allowed me to gain life changing knowledge of what was wrong with my back. With this information Jo has been able to design a personal Yoga plan, for the first time ever I have 100% confidence knowing that it will help and support my back and also prevent further injury or pain. I really look forward to my sessions with Jo as she always has a calming influence and I feel totally confident in her ability and knowledge. Thank you so much Jo!”

Lisa ZissisCambridge Weight Plan

“Thank you for the session yesterday, it was great.  I didn’t even realise how much I missed yoga!”


“Just thought I would let you know the class on Tuesday was really good and helped me a lot.  I feel more focussed this week and felt more calmer at work.”


“Thanks as always for a wonderful class tonight.  Over the years of doing yoga with you I’ve noticed such a difference in my breathing, also I carry much less tension, especially in my hamstrings and I am much more flexible.  I have a very long way to go but I’m enjoying the journey.”


“I wanted to say thank you for a year of such wonderful classes 🙂 I really treasure both the meditation and yoga – you provide such a comforting and safe environment and all the extras that you say and do really make a difference.  I look forward to more!


“I have worked with Jo as a coach and as a yoga teacher. She approaches both with love, warmth, compassion, humour and incredibly helpful insights. Highly recommended!”

SusanDrama Teacher

“I have attended both Joanne’s Meditation and Yoga classes. I highly recommend these groups, Jo is attentive, calm, friendly and her knowledge and experience is clear to see.”

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Yoga classes in Ealing
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